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As a programmer, it’s your job to constantly come up with side projects that will eat up your free time and then be abandoned because it’s no longer challenging! The latest idea I’ve come up with was to build a website on Github Pages for reading and searching through Shahnama. This resulted in an interesting experience with the two giants of web browsing that I wanted to talk about. But first, allow me to explain what Shahnama is.

Shahnama is the national epic of Greater Iran, telling the story of the kingdoms and empires that rose and fell in this…

The following article is a brief report on my Bachelor’s project, a comparative study regarding CNN-Based Single-Image Super-Resolution (SISR) techniques. We’ll begin with a brief look into the first applications of Deep Learning in SISR, followed by a discussion regarding the state-of-the-art CNN-based models for this task. We’ll be comparing the performance of the models on an open-source dataset of satellite images concerning their output quality, speed, and resource demands. You can find the scripts for our experiments as well as the trained super-resolution models here.

Learning in Single-Image Super-Resolution

SISR aims to recover a high-resolution (HR) image from a corresponding low-resolution (LR) version…

Mohammad Farahmand

Full-Stack Web Developer By Day, and a Deep Learning Researcher By Night!

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